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First, here's the latest park news:

The Death of DarKastle = The Birth of...? - You may have heard that DarKastle the ride closed at the start of the year, to the disappointment of a number of fans. The good news is that the space appears to be targeted for use as a fixed location for a new Howl-O-Scream haunted house (possibly called "FrostBite." Some reports are saying that it may also be used in part during ChristmasTown.

New Dedicated Sesame Street Park? - According to BGWFans, the park has been distributing surveys to parents trying to gauge possible interest in a dedicated Sesame Street park in Virginia. This would be the third Sea World entertainment location in Virginia, and would be similar to the Sesame Street park in Pennsylvania.

A Return to Stable Pricing for Single-Day Tickets - I don't know about you, but I found last year's single-day ticket pricing really confusing. As you may recall, it basically rewarded you for being to plan ahead and purchase advance tickets for less popular days (read: week days) with lower prices. They tried the same thing for Christmas Town, and the fact that this move is gone for 2018 tells me it either wasn't popular or not cost-effective for the park.

So for 2018, they're back to fixed pricing (same price regardless of day). Preschool Passes remain free as long as you purchase them by May 31.

New Membership Program - Looks like they took a smidge of the variable price idea and applied that to their new membership program, which has three levels: Basic, Unlimited, and Premier. The main thing is that you save money on the Basic program IF (here's the big IF) you are willing to put up with some blackout dates. I've got all the details here.

Christmas Town Admission - It's now included in all season passes. It's about time! One downside: Park reps are making noises that single-day prices may go up significantly this year, and that it may be harder to get discounts.

Military Annual Pass - While they've always offered one free visit per year for military members and their dependents, Busch Gardens has been lacking in a discount for military members who want a discount for an annual pass. They've finally made up for it with this new deal for active duty military. 

Battle for Eire - This is their new ride for 2018, a fairie-oriented, virtual reality ride set in Ireland. It 's located in a building which has had several different rides, so let's see if this one is a hit. BGW Fans has a great article which offers insight on what the ride will include. 

Look below for a fantastic behind-the-scenes YouTube preview of the ride.

Grogan's Grill has been renamed - It is now Taters Irish Restaurant. 'Kay, I think that's a lame name, but on the plus side, they've added a Chicken Alfredo Loaded Potato to the mix, so I'll try to be open minded. 

Spring Free Summer Card - No knowing how long this great deal will last, but if you buy the card early, you'll not only get unlimited admission to Busch Gardens all season long, you'll also get unlimited admission to Water Country USA for their whole season too - just $90 for now.

Safety tip Reminder - This is something I shared last season, but it bears repeating. A Norfolk man was caught awhile back stealing things from people's lockers at the park. Apparently, the man noted that some park goers put their things in lockers but did not actually lock them, so DO remember to lock that lock!

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Thanks to the economy, in recent years, attendance at the park has been down (last time we were at the park, I was amazed at how uncrowded it was.) Bad for the locals...but good for you! The money-saving discounts at hotels, attractions, and restaurants have been particularly good if you know where to look.

Busch Gardens is offering several web specials to try to boost attendance. If you're interested in a package deal including hotel and maybe Busch Gardens Williamsburg AND Water Country USA, click here to see what their specials can do for your budget. 

Go to the Front of the Line with a Quick Queue Pass

Go to the head of the line...get a Busch Gardens Williamsburg Quick Queue Fast Pass!

In addition to getting Busch Gardens Coupons, want to maximize your visit by hitting ALL the major rides? Hate to wait in line? It may be worth your while to spring for the new fast pass!

For an additional fee starting at $20 per person (3 and up), you can get a one-time priority boarding pass that sends you directly to the front of the line on all the major rides except Verbolten (Griffon, Alpengeist, Escape from Pompeii, Loch Ness Monster, Roman Rapids, Log Flume, Curse of DarKastle, and one bonus ride).

If you really want to fly through major lines ALL day (not just once per major ride), get the Quick Queue Unlimited Pass starting at $50.'s for serious riders only.

Quick Queue passes are good for one day only. Rides which take the Quick Queue fast passes will have a special "Quick Queue" logo at the front of the line. You can buy the passes at the admission window the day you visit, or online. Passes are limited, so get there early! 

One Final "Stay Cool" Tip after using Busch Gardens Coupons & Deals

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Escape from PompeiiGetting drenched outside Escape from Pompeii.

Where I Got Drenched: My Best "Stay Cool" Tip!

I love Busch Gardens coupons and deals...but I also love staying cool. When we were at the park at the height of summer it was HOT...94 degrees! I was feeing sticky by 10:30 am. So we tried out favorite "stay cool" trick and headed directly to Roman Rapids, a water ride.

Did I get wet? Oh yeah. I got drenched! Like, a bucket of water poured down my back (and that was just at the end of the ride when I went directly under the waterfall!). It was delicious! I was wearing jeans shorts, and let me tell you, my shorts were still damp when I left at 2:30 pm...but I stayed nice and cool in between!

So hit Roman Rapids first! Or, go to the Escape from Pompeii viewing platform--you'll get even MORE drenched (just remember to put your camera away first...) For more ways to stay cool in the park...and other tips for maximizing your visit, click here

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