Halloween Haunt
at Kings Dominion

Look for up to a dozen Halloween Haunt promo codes later in 2018 when we get closer to the fall season.

2018 update: The park is hosting the event weekends Sept. 22 through Oct. 28, 2018. Other than the operating dates, the park hasn't (and won't) post new info until summer. For now, I'm leaving up last year's info so you have an idea of what kind of deals/details to expect.

Keep checking back for updates!

Along with Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Howl-O-Scream, this is the pre-eminent haunted fall experience for those who love their thrills to have chills attached! In addition to experiencing the park's great coasters and rides, you can enjoy nine frightfully difficult mazes, six scare zones, five hauntingly good shows, and the park's usuall restaurants and shops. 

Keep in mind that the scares are adult-oriented, and not appropriate for little kids in the evenings.

In addition to the usual thrills from its many coasters and rides, get scared silly by haunted houses and sights sure to put a chill up your spine.

Speaking of chills, here's a YouTube video from Zombie Coasters about a previous year's opening night at the park. (See the video below.)

The haunted portion of the park is open Fridays-Sundays Sept. 22-Oct. 28. It's open Fridays from 7 pm to midnight, 10:30 am to midnight on Saturdays (Haunt attractions begin at 7 pm), and noon to 10 pm on Sundays (Haunt attractions begin between 6 pm and 7 pm).

Kings Dominion offers "scare zones." This year's zones include Cleaver Brothers Carnival, Feary Tales, Ironworx, Necropolis and the Lair They also offer live shows such as Overlord's Resurrection, Skeleton Crew, Coven and the Grave Walkers.

This year's nine horrifying mazes include Blackout, Blood on the Bayou, Cornstalkers, Lockdown, No Vacancy, Tollway Terror, Trick or Treat, and Zombie High. 

As for rides, they should have about 20 open for the event  (considerably more than last year!), some from the regular season (like Drop Tower and Intimidator) and Halloween-themed ones like Beserker

Halloween Haunt Family Fun for the Little Ones?

Although the park makes it clear that the evening events are NOT intended for kids under 13, (all haunt attractions after 7 pm are rated PG-13), they do offer a special Hallowee treat for the little ones:

Family-friendly Great Pumpkin Fest

On weekends from noon to 5 or 6 pm, Halloween Haunt offers "spooktacular" "Planet Spooky" Snoopy-themed fun, including pumpkin painting, scavenger hunts, foam pits, adventure shows, and more. For an extra $5 per person, you can take advantage of the "Trick or Treat with the Dinosaurs" event in the "Dinosaurs Alive!" exhibit at the park

Halloween Haunt Admission Prices

So how much will tickets cost you?

As with many things in life, it pays to plan ahead, so I don't recommend buying tickets at the gate (see below for money-saving alternatives). But if you DO insist on buying them at the gate, here's what you'll pay: 

At the Gate Prices - Avoid these!

Adult admission (48" and under or 62 and above - not recommended for ages 13 and under): $67

Jr./Sr admission: $45

Online Discount Prices - Save $11-$47!

Save when you purchase tickets online in advance:


  • All-day/all-night admission (Oct. 6 only) - $33.50
  • Buy 4 or more tickets for $38 - this group price is good any day

Good any Day Single Admission - $56 (only choose this option if you want to buy in advance but don't know for sure what day of the week you'll visit)

Saturday/Sunday all-day admission - $56 for adults, $45 for jr/seniors any Saturday or Sunday all day and night

Two-Day Ticket - Visit for two days when you pay just $67. Days do not have to be consecutive.

After 7 pm admission - Visit after 7 pm any Fri/Sat/Sundays and you'll pay just $41 

Group Discount -  Pay just $35 per person for a group of 15-99 people; one free ticket for every 15 people.

Note for online sales: The bad news is that ordering tickets online gives you a $5 processing fee. The good news is that you can order as many tickets as you want and you'll pay just one $5.99 processing fee. The best news? You may be able to get a better deal by looking below...

NEW - Fright Lane Pass

If you hate lines and really love scares, you can purchase a Fright Lane Pass which lets you jump to the front of the line on mazes, plus gives you access to five secret "Skeleton Key" rooms. Prices are either $73 (most nights) but can go up to $106 on high traffic nights like Sept. 23.

Halloween Haunt Discounts & Deals

Halloween Haunt Bring-A-Friend Days!

Bring a Friend Days - Sept. 23-Oct. 29 - Passholders can bring a friend for $19.99 each (limited to 6 tickets per pass holder per day) on Sept. 23, Opening Day. Bring a friend any Friday or Sunday for $28.

Everyday Bring A Friend Deal - Bring a friend any operating day during Halloween Haunt for $42 (limited to 6 tickets per pass holder per day)

Promo codes

  • COLLEGE17 - Use this promo code online to receive $32 general admission on Fridays and Sundays, and $38 on Saturdays.
  • NCRPA - Use this promo code online to get tickets anyday through Oct. 29 for just $41.
  • RALHC - Use this promo code online to get tickets anyday through Oct. 29 for just $41.
  • WAKEMED - Use this promo code online to receive $39 general admission, good through Oct. 29.

More possible deals:

Military/First Responder Discount - Get passes for $38.50 which are good any day.

Virginia Parks & Rec Fall Fun Days - Pay just $39-$43 (depending on which branch you go to). Go to your local county site (assuming you live in central/southeastern VA) and they'll probably offer these discount tickets. Be aware there may be a processing fee, so check your county's parks and rec center for details.


Coupons good for $20 off regular admission on weekends, and $8 off admission on Fridays usually start making their way through fast food restaurants, Human Resource departments, and other hot spots starting in Sept. Keep in mind that using the online coupon codes above will almost always save you more.

Buy a Gold Season Pass, Get a Visit to this year's Halloween Haunt for free!

What do gold, Halloween thrills and chills, and free parking have in common? Buy the Kings Dominion Gold Season Pass (or the Platinum Pass) now and you'll get a free single-day admission to Halloween Haunt.

Sure, you could get a Halloween Haunt single day ticket for significantly less (see above). But if you're even thinking of visiting the park again next year, the Gold or Platinum Pass option is a much better deal. Plus you'll get early admission (in-season) to Water Works, a 10% discount on food, and early ride times. 

In-Park Deals

Save more when you purchase in advance online with these deals:

All-Day Dining Deal - Eat all day for $29.99 - includes one entree and side (no drink) for two different meals. 

Single Meal Deal - Eat meal and fountain drink for $14.99.

Souvenir Drink Bottle & Free Refills - Buy the bottle (and drink) for $10.99 and get a free initial refill and then 99 cent refills every time thereafter. 

Preferred Parking - While regular parking is $15, you can $5 more for preferred parking nearer the entrance.

Looking for More Halloween & Fall Fun?

Check out these links for more Halloween and fall fun:

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