Busch Gardens Virginia Deals & Admission Facts 

Looking for Busch Gardens Virginia discount tickets and coupons, plus the free Preschool Pass and Spring Fun Card deal?

See my 2018 online ticket info below to make sure you get the lowest price possible!

You'll flip for Alpengeist at Busch Gardens.

Look no further!

The park has admission prices comparable to most other big-name theme parks.

The bad news? Single-day ticket prices for adults continue to rise $3-$5 each year. The good news? I've always found many ways to get you in on the cheap!

If you're looking for a cheap Virginia Beach family vacation getaway, you have to work hard to get the best discounts and maximize your dollar..especially in these tough economic times. Luckily, I've got some fantastic deals for you-- you may even be able to get in two parks for the price of one.

Busch Gardens Virginia Single-Day Admission Rates

Adults (ages 3 and up): $90 at the door

Last year, the park offered a new system which rewarded you for buying tickets in advance and for days which were less popular. By doing that, you could really shave a lot of money off this $90 at-the-door price. Looks like they won't offer the same system for 2018.

Children 2 and under are free 

Save big by getting a free Preschool Pass (ages 3-5) by registering for the pass by May 31. It's good for both Busch Gardens AND Water Country USA all season long. Go to the park's official website to register. 

Up until the last 8 years (when just about everything in the world has skyrocketed) Busch Gardens has been pretty good about trying to minimize price increases over the years. Here's where they've been making up for it: parking.

Daily parking is not included in ANY single-day Busch Gardens Virginia tickets. The real bummer is that I used to be able to give you a link to save you $2 on a daily parking pass. 

Stopping for a break next to Escape from Pompeii at Busch Gardens.

Unfortunately, penny pinching at the park has eliminated even that deal, so you have to pay the full $16 per visit now. 

Click here to find out how to get summer season ticket deals, promo codes, and discounts!

Don't Forget...

Remember to check my Busch Gardens Virginia Hours & Operating Schedule page to find out when the park's open and look for upcoming special park events on my Busch Gardens Events page.

Save Money with a Fun Card - NEW DEALS

Summer Card (Spring Free) - $105 for unlimited visits to the park March 24-Sept 9 (does not include parking). Includes Water Country USA when they open May 19.

NOTE: Until a week or so before the park opened, the price was only $90. I had warned readers that this was a limited time offer and was likely to change the end of March, either with the price going up, or the deal only including one park. Guess I was half-right! Now, the Summer Card price is $15 higher. The good news, it that it still includes both parks.


Note that this year's Summer Card (Spring Free) Card must be purchased by April 30.

The Carousel across from Land of the Dragons.

Check out this way to save more...

One hybrid option you may consider for families: Have one person (Mom or Dad) buy a season pass and the rest of the family buy Fun Cards. The person with the season pass will pay more, but if you go multiple times, it will pay for itself in free parking PLUS if that person does all the food purchasing, you'll save 10% on food and shopping purchases. (See more on season pass benefits below.)

FREE Preschool Pass 


Preschool Pass

Kids 5 and under can get a free Preschool Pass giving them unlimited admission to both Busch Gardens and Water Country USA through the end of the season. This saves you $80 per child (the regular price for kids 3 and up)! Note that you have to register for your Preschool Pass no later than May 31. 

Register online at the park's website and bring in the registration confirmation and a valid ID (a birth certificate or a passport) to the park. 

Busch Gardens Virginia Flex & Bounce Deals 

Don't miss the lights and fireworks during  summer's

7-Day, 2-Park Summer Flex Tickets - $90

At $90, this deal is good for unlimited admission for up to 7 consecutive days to Busch Gardens during the regular season (March 24-Sept. 9 -- includes admission to Water Country USA after May 18). BUT, you must order your tickets online at least 14 days in advance to get this rate. If you order them at the door, the price is $100. 

Spring Bounce Ticket - $105 adults; $87.50 ages 6-12; free for 5 and under

Get 7 days of visits to Busch Gardens plus Colonial Williamsburg. Good March 24 - Sept. 9 (includes parking!). 

Summer Bounce Ticket - $146 adults; $121 ages 6-12; free for 5 and under

Get 7 days of visits to both Busch Gardens Virginia and Water Country USA plus Colonial Williamsburg. Good May 18 - Sept. 9 (includes parking!). NOTE: Prices are $5 higher if you buy the tickets at the gate.

Busch Gardens Virginia may post new multi-park deals and discounts, so to keep up with the latest deals, subscribe to my VA Beach Blog for updates.

New Busch Gardens Williamsburg Passes

The viewing platform by Griffon is a great place to cool off at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


The passes are significantly different this year, with blackout dates (see below).

Once you've read the season pass facts below, go to my Season Pass Deals page to see how to save on season passes.

Busch Gardens Virginia Pass Deals:

Basic Membership Plan
--1 Year
 - Individual Passes: $120 OR $10 per month

Includes admission to both Busch Gardens and Water Country USA (except during blackout dates) during the spring/summer season plus Christmas Town. Blackout dates are mostly Saturdays during the spring/summer season and Howl-O-Scream, and Saturdays/Sundays during Christmas Town. 

You'll also get 50% off parking, in-park discounts, and discounted guest tickets. 

Unlimited Membership Plan
--1 Year
 - Individual Passes: $180 OR $15 per month

Includes admission to both Busch Gardens Virginia and Water Country USA (NO blackout dates) during the spring/summer season plus Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town. 

You'll also get FREE parking (that's worth $15 each visit), in-park discounts, and two free guest tickets. 

Premier Membership Plan
--1 Year
 - Individual Passes: $240 OR $20 per month

Includes admission to both Busch Gardens Virginia and Water Country USA and 9 other Sea World Parks (NO blackout dates) during the spring/summer season plus Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town.

You'll also get FREE PREFERRED parking (that's worth $15 each visit), in-park discounts, and three free guest tickets. 

Look for funky hats like this throughout Busch Gardens Virginia.

Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town

Looking ahead? 

Click here for Christmas Town info and discounts, hours, and more to give you an idea of what to expect for the season.

Click here for THREE CURRENT Howl-O-Scream discounts and ways to save up to $30 off tickets on this fall event, which runs mid-Sept. to the end of Oct.

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