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Busch Gardens WilliamsburgDo you dare ride Verbolten? Hold on to your hat when you ride...
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What to See at Busch Gardens Williamsburg & How to See it for Less

If awards are any indication, Busch Gardens Williamsburg can't be beat. It's been voted the world's "Most Beautiful Theme Park" for more than 24 consecutive years by the National Amusement Park Historical Association.

Plus, it's been called the World's Best Theme Park in the Theme Park Insider Awards, and regularly gets first place for"Best Landscaping" and "Most Beautiful Park."

And it's more family-friendly than Kings Dominion, which tends to draw a bigger teenage crowd and sometimes has, shall we say, elements that aren't quite so appropriate for the little ones. Click here to learn about Kings Dominion (and learn which park is right for you).

For example, their Sesame Street Forest of Fun features kiddie-sized rides which are mini-versions of popular adult rides, a cool water-play area, plays, and characters walking around.

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Here's more ways to maximize your visit:

You can always check out the latest news at the park by going to their website here.

Videos of Tempesto. Verbolten, and Griffon...Plus Why You Won't Find ME on Them!

Tempesto is the name of the park's newest coaster (it opens April 25) and the buzz about it has really been huge. What can you expect? Check out the park's official video below:

No one has ridden Tempesto, yet, but here is an on-board video of a test ride. Daredevils wanted starting April 25, 2015 when Tempesto debuts. #DaredevilsWanted #Tempesto #BGVA40

Posted by Busch Gardens on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

You may have heard about Verbolten, one of the park's recent rides. Set in a German tourist center, the ride mimics an autobahn tour that goes strangely awry and ends up in the scary Black Forest, where it takes an 88-foot plunge. 

Hamptonroads.com gave the ride a "fun scream" thumbs up, while themeparkreviews.com posted this video of the ride.

Notice: The guide in the ride has NO hat or loose article. Thanks to a bad hair day, I was wearing a hat when I rode Verbolten. The park worker told me to either take it off or hold onto it.

I should have taken it off: The g-forces were so great that keeping my hand on my hat kept pulling my head down so I couldn't fully enjoy the ride.

Also, remember that if you have anything larger than a fanny pack or a small cross-body purse, you'll have to check it in a locker before riding Verbolten. Lockers are available just outside the ride.

Want to see a video about "Griffon"? Check out this YouTube video. (Click play, wait a sec, then click play again.) 

How does "Griffon" rate on the scream factor? - Here's here to find out...

So WHY won't you find me on Griffon or any of the other spinning coasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

I would LOVE to go on the Griffon. Really, I would.

But I can't. Can't do it. After going roller coaster-free for 15 years (a little problem with my inner ear means they make my dizzy as all get-out) I took a chance and hopped on a coaster at Hershey Park.

Big mistake. Knew it within two seconds. I've never been so nauseated in my life. Just thinking about it makes me feel ill.

But even someone like me can appreciate Busch Gardens Williamsburg, because it's so much more than just state-of-the-art roller coasters.

Still, I'm working on a special Busch Gardens Williamsburg page dedicated to people like me who love the park, but can't handle the big rides. I'm thinking of calling it "Busch Gardens Williamsburg for Non-Coaster Riders." Or maybe "BGW for the Coaster-Challenged."

An amusement park I CAN recommend completely (even for spin-challenged people like myself) is nearby Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg, our family's new favorite vacation spot. Click here to read my full review, photos, and videos of this fantastic (and surprisingly affordable) indoor waterpark resort! 

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