Paramounts Kings Dominion Discount Ticket Secrets

Get Paramounts Kings Dominion discount tickets for as little as $32 per ticket. SEVEN promo codes below!

With the fact that the park has once again raised their ticket prices last year (by $4 for adults) you can't afford to NOT look at these deals.

On my main Kings Dominion page, I already detailed how important it is to buy your tickets in advance: Adults who show up at the gate to buy tickets will pay $10 more than if they ordered them in advance online. But that's just the minimum savings. You can do MUCH better with my deals below.

Early Saver Ticket

Pay just $43 when you buy your ticket online by May 25 at

Twilight Ticket

Visit after 4 pm for just $39 per person.

Bring-a-Friend Deal for Season Pass holders

Season pass holders can purchase up to 6 tickets for friends for a discount rated of $40.

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2015 Promo codes -

  • Use the promo code JDRFKD and pay just $34 per ticket (good Aug. 27 through Sept. 7). The code also gives you $1 off Dinosaurs Alive
  • Use the promo code WAKEMED when ordering tickets online and you'll get them for $40 all season long. 
  • Use the promo code NCMETHODIST and get tickets for $34 on these dates: May 2, 9, 16, 22-25.  You can also use the same promo code to get tickets for $40 all season long. 
  • Use the promo code VOLVO and you'll tickets for $34 on these dates: July 25-Aug. You can also use the same promo code to get tickets for $40 all season long. 
  • Use the promo code GOODYEAR and pay just $35 per ticket July 25-Aug.15. You can also use the promo code to get tickets for $40 all season long.
  • Use the promo code "kdfedex" and pay just $32 per ticket (good May 26-June 6). 
  • Use the promo code JOECOOL15 and pay just $40 per ticket for March 28-June 7 only.  


Group Discount Deal - Pool friends and family and order tickets in a group of at least 15 people and you'll pay just $34 each. 

Virginia Parks & Rec Deals - Many southern Virginia parks & rec offices may offer slight discounts, including the Virginia Parks & Recreation site, which offers Paramounts Kings Dominion tickets for as little as $35. For details, go to

(Their site can also save you money on Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. For details on deals for these parks, click these links:

"Bring a Friend" Deal - Season pass holders can get bring a friend for $25 less than the regular $65 price ($40). Plus, on certain days, they can buy "friend" tickets for between $25 and $30 (2015 info is not posted yet).  Last year, on Mother's Day and Father's Day season pass holders could bring a friend for just $16.

Subscribe to my Daily Deals blog (see the link below) or follow me on Twitter @vabeachfundeals to learn once this info is posted. 

Military Discounts - Likely to be offered again this year: active and retired members of the military with valid ID can buy single-day tickets for about $40 per person (up to six tickets per ID; available at the gate only). Admission is free for active and retired military with ID on Military Appreciation Days (Memorial Day weekend and July 4 weekend).  

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New promo codes and coupon sites keep popping up, so be sure to subscribe to my Virginia Beach Blog for the learn the latest deals as they become available.

Ongoing Paramounts Kings Dominion discount ticket sources

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1) Virginia Beach Vacation Market -
If you're in Virginia Beach, you may be able to get a single day Paramounts Kings Dominion discount tickets for up to $8 less than the online price by going to one of Vacation Market's three locations on Atlantic Avenue (16th, 25th, and 31st Streets).

Note: They also offer Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets, as well as discounts on many other local attractions, including Colonial Williamsburg and Water Country USA.

2) Try a local Parks & Rec Center - 
Most Virginia Parks & Rec Departments sell Paramounts Kings Dominion discount tickets. They also offer discount tickets good for certain summer days (called "P&R" Days). See the "2014 Virginia Parks & Rec Deals" above for details.  

3) Check out local hotels -

Local hotels sometimes offer Kings Dominion package deals which can save you money.

The Embassy Suites in Richmond, the Virginia Crossings Resort in Glen Allen, and the Days Inn in Ruther Glen are three hotels which have offered park packages in the past (the first two are a bit of a drive from the park, but the Days Inn is only 5 miles away).

When booking a local hotel, do your research. For example, I've heard a slew of poor reviews about how dirty the Best Western Kings Quarters is...not worth the money, shady characters, etc.  I recommend you check at sites like for travelers reviews.

4) Look for Promo Codes!

See the promo codes I've noted above! They can save you big bucks, but remember: Coupon codes are subject to change at any time.

To use them, go to Click on "Tickets" and then on the drop down bar, select "promo code" and enter the coupon code. 

Want Halloween Haunt discounts?

During the fall, after taking a two-week pause, the park gears up for its Halloween-themed scarefest: Halloween Haunt. Those admission prices are completely different and have their own potential discounts. 

To be honest, it's not my "cup of tea," but it attracts thousands of people during weekends mid-September through the end of October looking for a good scare.

And I always manage to "scare" up the latest Paramounts Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt discounts. To learn how to get your discounts, go to my Halloween Haunt page.

Season pass deals, park events & hours

Paramounts Kings Dominion also offers a variety of season passes which are actually pretty good deals. This year, only two of them include free season parking. The cheapest prices are available if you buy four or more tickets.

For the best season pass prices, click here. 

For upcoming events at the park, click here.

For park hours and operating dates, click here.

Other Money-Saving Ideas and Tips

Looking for other ways to save at Paramounts Kings Dominion?

  • Food - Three words: Bring your own (when possible). The food in Paramounts Kings Dominion is very expensive, especially for the quality (or lack thereof).So, eat a huge breakfast and/or bring a backpack of snacks (no chocolate--it'll melt). Keep in mind that the park says that "no food or drink is allowed in the park" (their way to try to force you to buy food there).    

So make sure you, er, make them invisible. (I use a small backpack-sized purse that holds a bottle of water and a few snacks inconspicuously.) Another option is to bring a picnic lunch in a cooler and leave it in the car for later. Get your hand stamped and you can take a break in the middle of the day to go out to your car and eat. Another alternative: get your hand stamped and leave the park for lunch in nearby Ashland.

  • Water - Drink lots and bring your own. Bottled water is equally expensive in the park, so bring your own in a backpack. Plan on three bottles per person at the height of the summer. Or, just bring one and fill it up at water fountains.

  • Slather up with sunscreen and bug spray before you go -- You'll need both, and IF you can buy some in the park, you'll pay top dollar for it.

  • Wear appropriate clothing -- Wear a hat and bring a light sweatshirt or jacket if you plan to stay during the cooler evening hours. Lockers are available to store them during the day. You may want to bring a pair of dry socks in case you get wet on the rides.

  • Bring your own stroller -- While you may be able to rent one in Paramounts Kings Dominion, why not put the rental fee (@$10 or so) to better use?

  • Take advantage of ParentSwap -- The park allows one parent of small children to wait in line while the other tends the kiddie. When you get to a certain point, the second one joins the line (with the kiddie) and all three ride!To get a Parent Swap Pass (which you must have to do this), you must visit Guest Services. Parent Swap may not be available on all rides and is not applicable in WaterWorks.

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