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Looking for 2015 Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets? Or are you happy paying $75 per ticket?

Didn't think so. 

Look below for info and deals on the 2015 spring/summer season (and links to Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town info), promo codes, park hours, and more.

(Keep reading to learn how to save $20 or more at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, and Water Country USA.)

I'll share a variety of indoor and outdoor concerts -- nearly all of them free-- you can take advantage of without breaking the bank!

NOTE: The tips on this page are for single-day discount tickets. If you want a season pass discount, or for tips on saving money at the park, look below for links to those pages.

You'll also find up-to-date info on the latest promo codes, places to get discount ticket coupons, the park's hours and operating schedule, upcoming park events, tips for saving money at the park, and info on the park's Christmas Town and Howl-O-Scream events.

Super Secret Coupon Codes... Plus Places to Get Discount Tickets

New deals are constantly coming out, so it's hard to stay up to date on all the latest deals. But I update deals just as soon as I find them, so be sure to subscribe to my Virginia Beach Blog. You'll receive a free subscriber feed and my latest tips immediately.

During the off-seasons (such as January-July for info on Howl-O-Scream) I sometimes leave up last year's deals so you'll know what you may expect to find when the season starts. For example, last year, if you bought your annual pass by Oct. 12 you got $20 off. Click here for more season pass savings tips.

Go to my Busch Gardens Coupon Codes page for coupon codes that could save you 50% or more off tickets!

Preschool Pass deal & Limited Time 2-Park Fun Card Deal

Getting set to ride Italy's

Preschool Pass 

This deal will end May 31!

Kids 5 and under can get a free Preschool Pass giving them unlimited admission to both Busch Gardens and Water Country USA through the end of the season. This saves you $75 per child (the regular price for kids 3 and up)! Note that you have to register for your Preschool Pass no later than May 31. 

Register online at the park's website and bring in the registration confirmation and a valid ID (a birth certificate or a passport) to the park. 

Limited Time 2-Park Fun Card Deal

Buy your Busch Gardens Fun Card now through March 31 and you'll get season-long admission to Water Country USA as well.  Go to to order your Fun Card. 

McDonald's, Food Lion, and Other Spots for Discount Ticket Deals

Do you dare ride Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

Parks and Recreation Departments - Save up to $20 per ticket and $3 on Fun Cards!

Many southern Virginia parks & rec offices may offer slight discounts, including the Virginia Parks & Recreation site, which offers $3 off Busch Gardens Fun Cards ($69 instead of $72) and Water Country USA Fun Cards ($47 instead of $50). They also offer certain periods during the summer where you can save up to $16 per single-day ticket! 

This year, you can buy single-day tickets from them for $52 for adults and $42 for kids, good from March 21 to Oct. 26. Go to for details.

Fast food restaurants/grocery stores in Virginia

NOTE: 2015 deals won't start appearing until March. Until then, check out past deals below:

Save $14 with Food Lion coupon/coupon code:  

Every year, I find summer promo code deals that will save you plenty! Subway, KFC, and McDonald's have offered Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount ticket coupons in the past. McDonald's often has coupons on their place mats.

Starting every spring, you'll see some area grocery stores, such as Farm Fresh and Food Lion, to offer coupons good for reduced BG admission on the backs of their store receipts...or on plastic shopping bags.

Most Busch Gardens coupons offer two deals and are good for up to six Busch Gardens discount admissions:

1) Buy an adult ticket at the kid's price (save $20)

2) Get a kid's ticket at half price.

To see the latest current promo codes and places offering discount tickets, scroll up and click on the Busch Gardens Coupon Codes link above.


AAA always offers its AAA members discounts on tickets. They may be as much as 10% per ticket. Call your local office to find out what the exact discount for this year will be.

But WATCH OUT-- to get the discount you have to order your tickets through AAA ahead of time. Planning to just show up at Busch Gardens and flash your AAA card to get your Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets? You'll get nada...

Don't miss Busch Gardens Williamsburg's latest ride, Verbolten.

The Busch Gardens Williamsburg Website or Twitter feed

I really recommend you subscribe to the park's Facebook or Twitter feed, because sometimes they have special "online only" or Twitter feed ticket offers. Plus, if you buy your tickets online, you can print the tickets at home and skip the ticket lines at the park. Here is the Busch Gardens Williamsburg website -

Their Twitter feed is @BuschGardensVA.  

Looking for Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town Deals?

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens brings Das Festhaus ablaze in lights.

Looking for Howl-O-Scream or Christmas Town discounts and promo codes? 

Be sure to check out my Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town pages. During those seasons (mid-Sept to mid-October for Howl-O-Scream and mid-November through the end of December for Christmas Town) I'll keep you up to date on the latest hours, admission info, and discount ticket deals for these special events.

Ongoing Busch Gardens Williamsburg Discount Tickets Deals

The observation deck below Griffon is a great place to cool off at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Here are several spots I've found where you can generally get Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets for single-day admissions:

1) Virginia Beach Vacation Market - Stop by one of the three Vacation Market locations along Atlantic Avenue one block in from the beachfront. You can buy a single-day admission ticket for about $3 less and you won't have to pay tax. This will save about $5 per ticket.

Virginia Beach Vacation Market has three Atlantic Avenue locations at 16th, 25th, and 31st Streets. They also offer discounts to other local attractions and restaurants.

Stocks in

2) Travelodge King William - 
This Williamsburg motel often offers its customers discount coupons for Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Colonial Williamsburg!

3) The "One Stop Shop" at the Williamsburg Outlet Mall - 
In the past, they've offered Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets coupons (a few bucks off) if you buy the tickets there. You don't have to purchase anything else in the store, but you may want to check out their discount coupons to President's Park and other area attractions).

Busch Gardens has beautiful, award-winning flower gardens.

5) Boy Scout/Girl Scout Discounts - 
In the past, you could get a significant discount if you mentioned that you had a boy scout in the family. They change their discounts from year to year, but it might be worth a try!

6) Your Human Resources Department or Alumni Association- 
Many companies, school districts, and alumni associations offer discount coupons to their employees, so give yours a call. My sister-in-law (a Regent University graduate) was able to get Fun cards for about $40 each (about $30 off) last year by purchasing them through Regent! 

Try Your Local Library

The Little Balloons ride in the Italy section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg is the perfect gentle ride for the kiddies.

Stop by your local library starting in late April or May for Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets--especially once summer hits-- and you may find coupons good for 25% off single-day admissions (up to six) to either Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Water Country USA.

According to my librarian, the "head office" of public libraries in Virginia sends these coupons out to all their branches," so be sure to check your local branch for the coupon! 

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Hotel Deals

Williamsburg hotel package deals can provide significant ticket discounts. But don't be caught! Click here to find out what I mean...

I've been told that area hotels sometimes have pamphlets with Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount ticket coupons. But I'm a bit skeptical, since the tourist guides (like the "Colonial Guide") don't generally contain Busch Gardens Williamsburg coupons. Still, you might ask at your hotel. I can confirm that the Travelodge King William (in Williamsburg) offered $6 off coupons last year.

Want to search for a great hotel deal in Williamsburg? Click here for a site that lets you compare rates at 30 different sites at once.

Keep This in Mind Before Using
These Offers...

Remember, one drawback to using most discount coupons is that you'll have to wait in line at the park's ticket office to use them. And the lines can get pretty long in the summer! If your time is limited, and you're dying to hop on as many of the top rides as possible, it may be worth paying the extra money to get an online ticket...and bypass the lines! 

Check Out These Pages BEFORE You Visit

Hold on to your hat when you ride Verbolten!

I've found much more than just Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets secrets. Check out these links to make your visit the best it can be:

Admission Facts & Ticket Deals

Military Discounts

Operating Schedule & Park Hours

Money-saving tips, best days to visit, staying cool, and more...

A tour through the park

Special Events and Concerts (like Glory in the Gardens)

What's the "scream-ability" of "Griffon"?

Busch Gardens vs. Kings Dominion? 

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