Don't Miss Magiquest at Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg!

Ready for a MagiQuest?

When you finally want to take a break from all that water (and that may never happen), kids and adults alike will enjoy this mystical game.

Called a "Renaissance-style fantasy propelled by modern-day technology," this 3-D, interactive, live-action adventure game lets you (the magician) slay dragons, get new powers, solve riddles, and earn your way to higher and higher levels of the game.

This special store has a huge variety of
magic stuff.

Choose a magic wand (a techo-instrument that you use to control your play), attend a little wand training school, and work with other friends and family members to complete your quest (no two quests are alike).

And should thy tummy get problem: You can return to your game at any time to finish your game, either during your stay or during another visit to Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg.

Game Fees: Wands are $15-$20 each (depending on whether you get the basic version or a fancy schmancy wand), plus $9.99 per game. Wands can be reused for the next time you come to Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg.

Want to save? If you buy a Hampton Roads edition of the Entertainment Book, you'll get a coupon lets you get a free game when you buy a game and wand (saves you almost $10).

Just one scene in this 3-D interactive game.

Two Big Tips!

If you're planning to reuse your wand on another trip to Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg, pack it away in a safe place! We know a number of friends who've had to purchase new ones because the kiddies "lost" theirs, or used it to dig mud pies and ruined them.

2) MagiQuest is one of only TWO things at Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg (along "Howl in One Mini-Golf"--see below) which you can do without having to stay the night. So if you're in the area, you can just drop by and play a game 9 am to 10 pm.

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