Date Night Dining...

by T. McGowan
(Virginia Beach)

I just wanted to add two of my favorite Date Night Dining spots that Va. Beach has to offer. Let me start by saying that I was raised in the tri-state area and have been spoiled by the famous NY restaurant scene. When my wife and I moved to Va. Beach 6 years ago I thought I was leaving that dining experience behind me forever. Man was I wrong... First of all let me start with the "PIZZA". We asked around and every place we were sent to was a huge dissapointment until we stumbled upon Primo's Pizza off of Upton Dr. $$1/2, casual and closet to NY styled pizza I have ever had... even in NY.

Now back to Date Night Dining... At the Ocean Front there is a place that does eveything right and will make your date night special. It is called Zoe's. It is an elegant staek house with all the fixins. They have a world class chef, a top notch Sommelier (excuse the spelling) and some of the best service a guest could ask for. $$$, casual clean, and bring your appetite. Try one of their oversized martini's with blue cheese filled olives, or enjoy a perfectly selected glass of wine to pair with your meal. This is a place I am proud to say will not disapoint even the most discerning of diners.
I saw that you had mentioned Catch 31 which is a great choice, but an even better gem and one that is attached to it is Salacia. This place is as beautiful as it is delicious and it is right on the beach. This place screams date night especially when you can sit on their patio in one of their richly appointed couch like tables over looking the beach. And the food and wine is to die for, they even have dishes for two making the date night experience even more eventful. $$$, casual clean, exceptional food.

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